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Save Money on Auto Insurance


There are ways to save money on cars other than by increasing fuel economy. One of the major areas where you can recover some lost income is in the field of auto insurance. Since many states in the US require that a vehicle owner have auto insurance, high auto insurance costs are becoming more and more of a problem. Low cost auto insurance can save hundreds of dollars or even thousands per year. Luckily there are ways to lower your auto insurance costs and steps you can take to reduce your monthly auto insurance premiums.

1. Compile your current auto insurance coverage selections pages. This will be a starting point for you to determine how much coverage you really need. These documents should itemize your current auto insurance coverage as well as the costs. Most auto insurance companies send you these documents at least once or twice a year depending upon when you coverage renews. Save these auto insurance records every time.

2.   Peruse your current auto insurance coverages and prices. Look for unnecessarily high prices and coverage amounts. Most people do not select their own coverages when purchasing auto insurance. This causes a problem because auto insurance companies will offer a standard level of coverage if you do not select your own. This may be more coverage than you really need and you will be wasting money every month. If you have determined that you are paying for too much auto coverage then call your auto insurance company and ask that those specific items be reduced.

3.    One way to reduce your auto insurance costs by up to 5% to 10% or more is to combine your homeowner’s insurance policy with your auto insurance policy company. In other words if you have your homeowner’s insurance policy with a company other than the company that does your auto insurance consider consolidating. Choose the company that offers both types of insurance and ask about what kind of discount you will receive if you decide to move your other insurance over to their company. Auto insurance companies will offer discounts if you combine insurance coverage types to create an incentive for new customers so take advantage of this discount if you can.

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