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Save Money on Auto Insurance (cont'd)


Auto insurance rates are forecast to continue increasing in coming decades. As such it is very prudent to try to lower your car insurance rates. Do not fall into the trap of not questioning your auto insurance coverage as most consumers do. If you own more than one car in your family chances are you are paying thousands of dollars per year in car insurance. This can be a great financial burden. There are many ways to save money on auto insurance without sacrificing any protection. Follow the advice below for more methods to lower your auto insurance costs.

1. Call up your auto insurance company and ask if you can get the good driver discount. A good driver discount is usually a discount of around 5% off of a portion of your monthly auto premiums. These discounts are usually awarded to auto drivers with no violations on their records. In addition, your driving record needs to be clear of auto accidents for a certain number of years before you can usually qualify for a good driver discount.

2.   Call your auto insurance company and ask them if they offer a faithful customer discount. A faithful customer discount is a discount awarded by auto insurers if you have been a paying customer for over a certain number of years. Some auto insurance companies offer discounts to loyal customers to entice repeat service. These auto discounts are usually very small on the order of 5% off or so.

3.   Add anti theft protections to your vehicles in order to receive auto discounts on your car insurance premiums. Most if not all auto insurance companies will offer discounts if you equip your vehicle with some kind of anti theft device. There are many different types of anti theft devices that qualify for discounts.

A simple steering wheel locking bar that can be installed every time you leave your vehicle can qualify for an auto insurance discount. These units lock in place and prevent your steering wheel from being moved. You can also equip your vehicle with a car alarm and ignition shut down feature. When the car alarm is activated by a perpetrator break in the alarm will automatically shut down the ignition of the vehicle so that they cannot start your car and drive away. There are also anti theft systems available that can track your vehicle in the event of it being stolen. The more robust and effective your anti theft device the higher your auto insurance discount will likely be.

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