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Change your Driving Commute Times off Peak Hours

One way to improve your fuel economy is to figure out ways to reduce the amount of time you are driving on the road or idling in traffic. The most perfect example of this is during your morning and afternoon work commute traffic. Morning traffic on US major highways is one of the leading causes of abnormally low gas mileage in your vehicle. Think about it. When you are idling and not moving in traffic, your gas mileage is 0 miles per gallon. The longer you stay in traffic the more money you are throwing away in unnecessary idling fuel costs. The slower the commute highway traffic is, the worse your gas mileage will become.

There are some ways you can help improve this situation and get better gas mileage. Try to get your job to allow you to change your daily work start and end times. Drive to work at least 1 hour before the morning rush hour. Typical rush hours are between 7 am and 10 am usually. Evening rush hours are between 4 or 4:30 pm and 7 pm. Sometimes, just starting out 30 minutes before the morning rush hour starts is enough to bypass the majority of the traffic on the highway. By using this method of traveling during off peak hours only you can cut your highway driving time in half or more which translates into massive fuel savings. By leaving an hour earlier for work you are also leaving work at the end of the day 1 hour earlier and so will be saving gas on the return ride home as well.

Another way to save gas mileage is to telecommute from work several times a week. Telecommuting is defined as the act of working from home. It has become more and more popular over the last 10 years with the advent of the laptop computer age and high speed internet access which allows the worker to connect to his or her company’s intranet. If you can negotiate with your employer to allow you to Telecommute (work from home) at least one or two days a week you can significantly reduce your effective gas consumption and save on fuel. Telecommuting once a week will drop your commute gas consumption by 20%. Raising that to just two days a week increases your saved gas to 40%.

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