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in the quest to reduce gas consumption many people look to altering their driving styles. this is a good move and something as simple as decreasing your cruising speed on the highway can have profound effects on gas mileage. this cruising speed on the highway can have profound effects on gas mileage. this occurs for 2 reasons. #1 the faster you go the more aerodynamic drag is created on your vehicle slowing the car down. that means that in order to keep the same speed you have to give the car more gas to keep moving. #2 the quicker you move on the highway, the faster your motor will be spinning (higher rpm) which draws more fuel into your cylinders for the same given amount of time. this also decreases your gas mileage by consuming more fuel. i recommend the following tips for improving gas mileage.

1.   lower your highway speed as much as you can. lowering your speed from 75 data entry jobs from home eveningsin highway fuel economy!

2.    by setting your cruise control at the speed limit for the given highway, usually 55 or 65 mph you will be able to drastically improve your mpg�s.

3.    keep in mind, safety first! just as driving too fast can endanger others so can driving too slow. it is not safe to be driving well below the speed limit on a highway when the traffic is moving much faster than you are. for example going 45 mph in a 65 mph zone can cause accidents by forcing vehicles that come up from behind you to slam on their brakes to avoid a collision. so in these conditions safety first, fuel economy second.

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