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Electric Vehicle Gas Mileage

Full electric vehicles are obviously the best way to increase fuel economy by completely getting rid of the internal combustion engine altogether. Full electric vehicles do not combust fossil fuels, but instead use an electric motor powered by electricity to turn the drive wheels and move the vehicle. Electric vehicles are growing in number and technological efficiency every year. In order to calculate the equivalent fuel economy with electric vehicles to compare them to internal combustion vehicles one must calculate the distance an electric vehicle will go on a full charge and the amount of electricity on a full charge tank multiplied by the actual cost per kilowatt of electricity. With this data one can figure out how much it costs per mile and compare it to standard internal combustion vehicles.

The range of gas mileage on production electric vehicles is large ranging from 50 to 120 miles per gallon in equivalent cost to today’s electricity and gas costs. Making the judgment to abandon your internal combustion engine for a full electric vehicle is a large decision but in the long run will ultimately provide you with the best fuel economy possible. One must weigh the cost between purchasing a new electric vehicle against the long term savings that will result from not having to fill it with gas on a weekly basis.

There are many options for purchasing electric vehicles today and many companies that offer them including Ford, Tesla motors, Pontiac, and Toyota. Some of the drawbacks to owning an electric vehicle are that electric charging stations are still uncommon across the United States. So if you are going on a long trip and you may run out of electricity then you must be careful. Luckily the amount these vehicles can drive on a full electric charge that you can get by plugging your vehicle into your garage outlet at night is getting farther and farther each year as the technology is improving.

   Another benefit to owning an electric vehicle is that because the electric motor can spool up very quickly once power is applied to it and doesn’t have to overtake the friction created by scraping metal components such as pistons contacting cylinder walls; it has amazingly high instantaneous torque. So the power is very high even for having very high gas mileage. It is the best of both worlds.

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