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European FIAT Good Gas Mileage

The Italian Fiat is a small 4 cylinder engine, European vehicle that has been gaining popularity and exposure in the US automobile markets over the past few years. The FIAT brand is a classic Italian vehicle that has been around since the 1950’s and has enjoyed great gas mileage in Europe for years. Good fuel economy vehicles are much more common in Europe than in the US because Europe tends to have extremely high costs per gallon of gas and many countries levy a tax on engine displacement size. Meaning, the larger the displacement or size of your engine the more in taxes you have to pay as a result. Ever since the push in America to increase fuel economy of the average vehicle fleet has been started the US has opened up the car markets to allow for easier movement of high gas mileage overseas vehicles into the US. The FIAT is a markedly Italian brand and only a few models are currently sold in the US namely the FIAT 500, FIAT 500c, and FIAT Abarth.

The price range on the FIAT vehicles is low on the average price scale compared to many vehicles currently sold in the US markets. They sell generally from anywhere between the $15,000 to $25,000 dollar range. The FIAT vehicles are routinely less than 2 liters such as the 1.4 liter turbo engine of the FIAT Abarth. They get such good gas mileage because of the fact that they are so small in displacement. Replacing your V8 vehicle with a FIAT model could conceivably double your gas mileage.

The FIAT models sold in the US get fantastic gas mileage. Some claim that many of the FIATs can get close to 40 miles to the gallon if driven conservatively on the highway. The Fiat 500 gets greater than 30 mpg on the highway and high 20s mile per gallon in the city. The FIAT Abarth get’s near 35 miles to the gallon on the highway. But keep in mind that if the tips and tricks found on MPGEnhance such as using cruise control and saving gas by driving at the critical fuel economy speeds on the highway are employed, it is not unheard of to be able to get above 40 miles per gallon in your FIAT.

   Thus, due to its small vehicular weight size and small displacement engine, the Fiat line of vehicles is capable of getting extraordinary fuel economy. In any review of small displacement 4 cylinder engines it would behoove a person in the market for a good gas mileage car to add these vehicles into the list of good gas mileage cars to research.

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