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Diesel Power Programmer Horsepower

We spoke a little bit about using Diesel programmers to improve fuel economy in the “So and so section”. Now we will talk about the true use of most diesel programmers: to increase horsepower. It is not unheard of for diesel power programmers to raise horsepower in diesel trucks by 50 to 100 or even more HP. Sounds crazy but it is true. There are a few ways in which diesel power programmers increase power.

Increase the time duration the fuel injector stays open during the spray pulse. The longer each fuel injector stays open during the spray cycle the more gas gets injected into the diesel engine. The more fuel that enters the combustion chamber within the same piston stroke cycle, the more power that can be made.

Raise the fuel pressure of the fuel system. When the diesel power programmer raises the fuel pressure of your system the fuel injectors will draw a larger amount of fuel into the cylinders during every combustion cycle. You will burn more fuel and waste more gas but get more horsepower and torque as a result. These gains alone can add upwards of 50 hp to your diesel

Another parameter that diesel power programmers play with is the timing of when the fuel enters the piston chamber during the combustion cycle. In other words the fuel can be altered to go into the cylinder sooner or later than its stock setting. This can have the effect of drawing more power out of the same amount of gas entering the chamber when the gas is combusted.

   Generally speaking, most diesel power programmers have multiple programmer settings that vary the severity of the uploaded programs to provide more or less horsepower. They also have a fuel economy setting as well if you are looking to save gas instead of make extra power at the expense of fuel economy. Either way, diesel power programmers are cheap (generally under few hundred dollars) ways of adding a lot of horsepower and torque to your diesel truck ride.

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