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on this site we have concentrated on increasing gas mileage for regular sized vehicles and suv�s but rarely is the gas mileage of transportation vehicles like tractor trailers discussed. commercial trucking is a big business that costs a lot of money to maintain profitability such as in fuel costs for example. anything that can improve fuel consumption by increasing fuel economy, benefits the profit of the trucking business. although most of the methods of improving fuel economy on mpgenhance apply to tractor trailer trucks there is one unique method of increasing gas mileage that is only applicable to large scale commercial trucks like 18 wheelers and big rigs.

these methods of reducing gas consumption on tractor trailers include drastically increasing the aerodynamic profile of the big rig itself. this is done with products called aerodynamic fairings also known as aerodynamic side skirts or aerodynamic tails. aerodynamic trailer tails are attachments added to sections of tractor trailers such as the rear end of the trailer. the aerodynamic fairings are designed through extensive computational fluid dynamics engineering to reduce drag from air as much as possible on the trailer truck. trailer trucks are very large and wide and thus wind resistance can really slow the entire truck down. this is where the aerodynamic tails come in. they route the air around the tractor trailer to reduce it negative effects on gas mileage.

there>atdynamics also makes a product that is quoted on their website to get 6.58% in fuel savings on your tractor trailer once it is installed. it is called atdynamics-transtex skirts. most of atdynamics products are sae test validated and epa tested as well proving their fuel efficiency gains. the company is also said to make custom designs for tractor trailer companies that blend the best of all their gas savings technology into on solution for reducing fuel consumption on your big rigs. with the price of fuel over $3.00 a gallon in most states these aerodynamic fairings can go a long way in saving you money while operating your fleet of big rigs.

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