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one great way to add rear wheel horsepower to your ride is a not too commonly understood method of reducing rotating weight. rotating weight is the weight of spinning components that are connected to the driveshaft within your vehicle such as the axle, rims, tires etc. a surefire way to make a drastic increase in perceived performance of your ride is to reduce the weight of your rims. the only way to do this is to buy a set of lighter rims than your current rims.

rim and tire weight are common causes of slow performance when a driver goes to a heavier rim and tire combo. many times when performance modders add a lot of power through one or two mods and switch to larger rims and tires like going from 16� rims to 19� rims and going from a 245 to 300 millimeter tires they will eat up all of the gains made by the power mods and are completely confused as to how this happened.

it�s a very simple premise. the heavier the weight of the rotating assembly the more power it takes to move it the same amount of distance. just think about pushing two different weight objects up a hill like shopping carts filled with food. one shopping cart is empty. the other is packed to the brim with groceries. which one is easier to push uphill? as you can see the more you load the grocery cart the harder it becomes to push it uphill or even on a straight level road. well, the same is true for your vehicle trying to accelerate or �push� its rims & tires �the cart� to move faster and faster. more power is required the heavier the accelerating weight.

so since adding heavier rims to a vehicle will rob it of power so the opposite is true. reducing the weight of your tire assembly by buying lighter rims will cause your car to accelerate faster. just dropping a couple of pounds from the weight of each rim will give you a big boost in power. all throughout the rpm band or speed range, your car will just feel so much lighter and move quicker when you accelerate. you will be pleased with the results.

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