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Save Money on Gas Pay Cash at the Pump

One commonly forgotten method to save money at the gas pump has to do with the method of payment. Most people pay for gas in the 21st century with some form of card whether it be a credit card, debit card, or gas card. This is a quick and easy form of payment that is so convenient that it has become engrained in our modern day automobile culture. As a result people at the gas pump usually do not even think about paying with cash.

Unfortunately they are missing a valuable gas money saving method. Many gas stations offer cheaper gas rates by the gallon if you pay with cash in the gas attendant’s booth or inside the gas station store. They offer cheaper rates per gallon of gas because credit card companies charge merchants a small percentage fee on each credit card transaction made at the gas pump. So the money saved at the gas station by paying with cash is passed onto the consumer.

It is not untypical to save anywhere between 1 to 5 cents a gallon of gas if you pay with cash at the pump instead of using your credit card. This is an easy way to increase your gas mileage in a sense by paying cheaper prices at the pump. The average savings by paying cash at the pump over using a credit card is usually around 3 cents. A discount of 3 cents for using cash instead of charge cards at gas stations can amount to a sizable amount of money over the course of a year.

   Not all gas stations offer cheaper prices for paying with cash at the pump. Usually you can tell if they do because those that offer the discount are required to post a price per gallon for credit cards and a price per gallon for cash option at the gas pump itself. If you do not see a price with cash sign somewhere then ask the attendant in the office if they honor that discount.

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