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Smaller Engine Size Increase Gas Mileage

One of the most common ways to increase your gas mileage is to downsize your type of vehicle. Fuel economy is inversely proportional to engine size in the sense that, generally speaking, as engine size goes down fuel economy goes up. For example an 8 cylinder V8 engine generally burns more gas than a 6 or 4 cylinder engine. Gas mileage suffers because more fuel is being brought into the cylinder chambers at any given time including at idle. Thus gas mileage suffers in a large displacement motor.

The best way truly to save gas and pay less for fuel is to downgrade your vehicle in engine size to the next smaller size. Trading in your 8 cylinder for a 6 or your 6 for a V4 will drastically drop your gas consumption and increase your fuel economy. A simple move from a V8 to a 6 cylinder can increase your gas mileage by over 25% or more! In addition, generally, 4 and 6 cylinders can be cheaper than V8’s. So not only will you increase your gas mileage but you may also be able to get a better deal and save additional money on a smaller displacement engine. Perhaps trade in your current car for a 4 cylinder. Four cylinder cars can get anywhere up into the high 30 mpg’s and even low 40 mpg’s. Six cylinder engines on the other hand generally can get highway gas mileage into the high 20’s mpg or low 30’s mpg. This is significantly better than most modern V8’s

   While one can improve their current vehicle’s fuel economy by altering their driving habits this is no substitute for downgrading engine size completely and enjoying improved gas mileage across the board.

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