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Smart Car Mpg

Smart Cars are cars manufactured by a branch of Daimler and marketed as micro cars. They were primarily sold in the European markets and originated from the need to have a small car able to fit into tight spaces as are common in European countries as well as get great fuel economy. Smart cars are primarily 3 cylinder engines and weigh no more than 1500 pounds. They have reinforced steel safety shells to improve upon collision damage since the cars are very small to begin with.

Smart cars naturally get very good gas mileage due to their small size and weight. They weigh well under 2000 pounds so there is less mass for the motor to accelerate. In addition the engine is tiny and does not burn much fuel at all. Even though a smart car is technically not a hybrid or an electric vehicle it gets gas mileage similar to many hybrid vehicles. It is not uncommon for Smart Cars to get gas mileage well into the 30 miles per gallon or even into the 40’s if driven in ways to conserve gas. If you want the ultimate fuel economy in a small compact size then a smart car may be a good option for your next vehicle.

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