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             spark plugs are a vital part of your engine�s combustion process. they produce the spark of electricity that ignites the air/fuel mixture within your cylinders to power your vehicle. at their peak levels spark plugs produce enough electrical power to efficiently burn the contents of your engine�s cylinders. however several things happen over time that reduce the efficiency of your spark plugs and your fuel mileage as well. spark plugs may fail or reduce their output in a number of ways including oil fouling of the plug, carbon buildup, excessive engine temperatures, or general wear of the electrode from high mileage. replacing worn or broken spark plugs can increase fuel economy by up to a few miles per gallon

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the life cycle of spark plugs varies by manufacturer. some newer vehicles have plugs designed to last for 100,000 miles. however on older vehicles, as a rule of thumb, it is advisable to change spark plugs every tune up or 30,000 miles.

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there are many types of spark plugs today including those composed of copper, iridium, and platinum as well as single, double and quadruple gap plugs. as always, follow the manufacturer recommended gap and range for your vehicle when purchasing plugs.

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changing fouled spark plugs will often give you a smoother idle and quieter engine by restoring combustion back to its peak efficiency within each cylinder. depending on the shape of the old plugs you may also notice an increase in power and acceleration.

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                   here at mpg enhance we have not tested any before and after spark plug changes. keep in mind that the level to which changing spark plugs increases your fuel economy depends on how badly fouled the plugs were in the first place.

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